Lieke van Deinsen is postdoctoral research at the KU Leuven’s art history department and teaches Dutch historical Literature. Her strongly interdisciplinary research combines a solid background in textual analysis with a more recent specialization in material and visual cultures.

After obtaining a BA in Dutch Language and Culture (2009) and an MPhil in Literary, Cultural and Historical Studies (2011), she defended her PhD on processes of historical literary canon formation at the Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) (Literaire erflaters. Canonvorming in tijden van culturele crisis. Verloren) in 2017. Subsequently, she worked on several postdoctoral projects funded by, amongst others, the Scaliger Institute, the Vossius Center for the History of the Humanities and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. In the capacity of the Rijksmuseum’s Johan Huizinga Fellowship, she published The Panpoëticon Batavûm. The Portrait of the Author as a Celebrity (Rijksmuseum 2016). In 2018 she obtained a competitive NWO Rubicon fellowship to join the KU Leuven to conduct research on the visual and textual representations of female authorship and intellectual authority in the early modern Low Countries. Currently, she works on the follow-up project: “A Face of One’s Own. Author Portraits and the Construction of Female Intellectual Authority in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1800” funded by the FWO.

Lieke is a board member of the Dutch-Belgian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (Werkgroep 18e Eeuw), editor-in-chief of www.schrijverskabinet.nl, and part of the editorial boards of Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde, Jaarboek voor Nederlandse Boekgeschiedenis, Interferences Litteraires and Early Modern Low Countries (EMLC). In addition, she is currently guest-curator of exhibitions in the Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam) and Teylers Museum (Haarlem). In 2021 she was elected on of the members of the Young Academy.

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